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To reduce its environmental footprint, the company uses recycled asphalt in its pavements and is taking steps to reduce energy use at its asphalt plants. At its Finksburg and Westminster plants, for example, C.J. Miller installed variable frequency drives (VFDs) to provide greater control of the high-horsepower motors used in asphalt production. With the help of incentives from BGE’s Smart Energy Savers …

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The first reason is fuel savings. Some customers tell us that insulated piping saves them about $15,000 per year. The second reason is conservation of energy.” Considering the changes that have gone into effect concerning coal plants and power generation in the United States, electricity costs should start their sharp incline soon.

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energy of the asphalt plant in operation is used for heating and drying of stone energy savings using heat contained in the exhaust gases, which results in 

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Optimizing blasts to yield smaller rocks would reduce crusher plant energy consumption. Some of the methods that can be used to improve the shot-rock yields 

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At Virginia Paving Company, we use warm mix whenever possible. This relatively new technology enables plants to produce asphalt at 50-100 degree lower temperatures than conventional asphalt. As a result, less energy (fuel) is needed to produce it which results in fewer emissions. Additionally, warm-mix asphalt provides paving benefits such as

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Typically, the next largest fan employed at an asphalt plant is the burner blower. A proportional energy savings is available there, but caution must be exercised. Most burners are not designed to operate with variable blower speed. Never apply a VFD to a burner blower unless the burner was designed to operate with variable burner blower speed.

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Like other industries, the production of hot mix asphalt (HMA) in the asphalt plant requires a considerable amount of energy. HMA production involves significant 

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However, there are some essential tips to reduce the energy you consume at your business place or factory so as to significantly beat down energy- related costs: 20 Energy Saving Tips for Businesses & Manufacturing Plants. 1. Take Advantage of Off-Peak Periods: First, you have to choose a utility company that offers lower rates during off-peak

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energy processes in the plant (aggregates and bitumen heating). Biomass The project planned to thus optimise the use of biomass and reduce the carbon.

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Today, new long-term silos enable storage of asphalt mix for multiple days to allow uninterrupted production and maximum equipment efficiency, while saving energy and reducing waste (see related article, "When to Add More Storage at Your Asphalt Plant").

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Asphalt mixing and heating dryer drum has thermal insulation layer so that heat is not easily dissipated to save energy is saved. It adopts of burner to heat the cold aggregate. The internal blades are optimally designed in a spiral arrangement, and the rotating mixture of the drum does not form a pile.

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Table 5: Energy Consumption of Asphalt Mixture production –Plant AMP1000. Statistical Cycle Therefore, the main energy saving goal for asphalt pavement.

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Solutions for a reduction in emissions, recycling and more efficiency are being introduced by major asphalt plant manufacturers as Patrick Smith reports. The demand to reduce all types of emissions and increase the use of recycled material has put pressure on industry to come up with answers, and asphalt production is no exception.

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